Monday, August 30, 2010

No Sew DIY Project #1: Cloth Wipes

Perhaps the next logical step after adopting cloth diapers is cloth wipes. It doesn't make sense to keep throwing away wipes but keeping the diapers. I found this especially weird when I would be out with Fin and he'd have a poo; I'd throw the diaper in the wetbag and have to stuff the wipes in there too to throw away at home because I just couldn't throw poopy wipes in a public trash can. Gross.

But cloth wipes don't come cheap. I looked at the big brands and lots of handmade wipes as well from Etsy sellers, but I couldn't really tell which ones I'd like. And I couldn't decide on which solution to try either. I filled up my cart with wipes and solutions at different web stores literally dozens of times but never went through with a purchase. Then I read a guest post at the Cloth Diaper Blog by Andrea about making your own cloth wipes, stay-dry liners, and wipe solution, and I thought, I can do this.

So I followed her recipe for a cloth wipe solution, poured the mixture in a plastic spray bottle I usually use for laundry and cut up a ratty receiving blanket just to see if I could handle cloth wipes. To my surprise, they were surprisingly easy to use (at home anyway; I still haven't braved using them out and about). But since I don't sew (hence the No-Sew DIY Project), the edges of the wipes were shredded in the wash by the two hook-and-loop closure diapers we own.

And here is where inspiration struck. In her post, Andrea describes making diaper liners out of remnant fleece, which doesn't fray and therefore doesn't need serged edges. So I thought, why can't I make cloth wipes out of no-fray fleece?

So I did. I went to Jo-Ann looking for fleece remnants and came home with a fleece throw on clearance for $4.97. Per yard it was cheaper than any of the remnants.

I pulled out the stitching on the edge and cut it up into pieces I thought would be a good size for wipes. I ended up with 32 wipes, about 12" by 8". They're not perfect by any means. The four corners of the blanket are rounded, and the fleece has started to pill a tiny bit after about 3 weeks of use. But for about $5 and an hour's work, I don't think this can be beat.

What I like most about the wipes is that they work really well when wet, but since this is polyester fleece, it doesn't really absorb. So I can spray one side, wipe, and then turn the same wipe over an pat dry the baby butt, which is very important to me because I don't want to repeat the nasty diaper rash we had a few months ago.

I've just been throwing them in the diaper pail and washing them with the cloth diapers. I imagine that some cloth diaper mavens would advise against this, since the wipe solution I'm using contains baby oil, but I haven't had any problems so far. Plus, I have yet to exhaust my 32 wipe supply between every other day diaper washings.

I would love to know if you have already tried or do try something like this for your cloth wipes!


  1. I was looking for a no sew solution to cloth wipes and wondered if fleece would work too, thanks for posting this I'm going to try fleece as well. Also, many people use jojoba oil in their cloth wipe solution so I'm sure a little oil wouldn't hurt. If it does there are great solutions to stripping your diapers with dawn dish soap. I'm going to make my wipe solution with CA baby baby wash, lavendar oil, and a little jojoba oil so wish me luck!


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